A Division of Mattingly Low Vision, Inc.


About Us

Big Eye Lamp is a division of Mattingly Low Vision Inc.

Founded in 1981, The BigEye Lamp company has built a legacy of quality and American ingenuity.   For almost 4 decades, BigEye Lamps have provided users with a reliable tool for a variety of uses – reading, writing, crafting, sewing, tying fishing lures, etc.  BigEye lamps are indispensable for individuals with or without low vision as they provide light and magnification right where it is needed.   


In 2015 Mattingly Low Vision, Inc. (www.mattinglylowvision.com) purchased The BigEye Lamp Company and relocated their operations to El Paso, Texas.  Mattingly continues the “Made in America” tradition by hand assembling each lamp in-house.  In addition, almost 100% of the contents of each lamp are Made in America using molds and dies that were also Made in America.  By hand assembling each lamp we completely control the quality and consistency of the final product – giving the end user a wonderful lamp that will last a lifetime! 


We know you’ll love your BigEye Lamp!